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Founders and colleagues gained over 25 years’ professional experience in different management levels at developer, investment and consulting companies. Utilising real estate development experiences in synergy with value stream- and process improvement experience we offer unique full stack solutions to our clients.

Real estate development and process engineering synergy

Land entitlement

Turning a piece of land into a new industrial facility may seems easy. In fact this is a highly complicated and complex sequence of procedures. Essentially, land entitlement is the process by which a developer/landowner gains all necessary approvals for a real estate development.

Development services

We provide full service real estate development solutions. Managing the process from the idea to the turnkey handover, collaborating with architects, consultants, and constructors, our experienced team will execute your vision.

Feasibility analysis

A thoroughly prepared feasibility study provides predictive analysis of a project and reveal the probability of various outcomes. A feasibility study will also create roadmap for a potential project by assessing all site investigation, research, and preliminary due diligence items against potential problems and their financial implications.

Project management

Focus on project deliverables in all phases
of the implementation Oversee, monitor, and retain control over all aspects of your project, we can help minimising risk and get the best value at each project phase — keeping everything on schedule and within budget. Full scope of services in all project phases.

Process engineering

Our industrial process experts are engineers and developers with extensive experience in production management and information technology.We provide management consultancy for the industrial sector, supporting companies in their processing and manufacturing operations.

Expert services

Digital process mapping of the companies has now become a general requirement for sustainable, controlled operation. The backbone of these development plans is breaking down business processes into elementary constituents and processing them with advanced mathematical-statistical methods.

One of our
recent projects

Our recently delivered project is office and test facility for an automotive drivetrain developer company in Kecskemet.

Our contracted activities covered site selection, project management and technical supervision.

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Development process

Complete project development from the concept phase through technical project controlling over the course of the project in consideration with long term cost of ownership perspectives. Complete transparency in terms of the deadlines and cost-related project events are just some of our focused fields.

the process

Strategic consulting - program development

Concept phase

Integrated project tasks include clarification of project goals and identify constraints. After setting up deadlines and project budget, the formal Project Charter will identify the project team and the stakeholders

Site selection - land development

Ideal location for your process needs

Our experts analyse and model processes supporting our clients to locate and design a property that is ideally fit all requirements, both today and tomorrow.

Design coordination

Planning program

The planning process begin with the planning program and a concept plan. Development plans consider the orientation and the environmental features of the facility and align with authority requirements and building regulations.

Financial modelling

Budgeting with benchmarking

First objective in development of cost models during feasibility stage is to enable financial decision making. The financial analysis determines a project's expected return on investment and the timing of cash flows over the project's life.

Construction process

Oversight and supervision

Construction process management includes but not limited to oversee construction bidding, value engineering, process coordination, project management and supervision, management of safety standards and milestone supervision.

Turnkey handover

Technical and legal handover

Once construction is completed, and project closeout and punch list tasks are complete, last step is the final inspections and walk-through to ensure that all items are up to code and properly installed. The local municipality issues the certificate and the new building can be legally occupied.

Running projects

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